New Healthy Day

I Rewire My Brain - An Exercise

I am taking measures to weed out old programs and install new, more efficient programming. I am the programmer of my brain. 


The more I read about how powerful my beliefs are in programming my life, the more I pay attention to my beliefs. I sort out the old beliefs from my childhood and upgrade them to my adulthood. 


I become acutely aware of my thoughts. I recognize that my thoughts come from my programming, and I catch those thoughts that no longer serve my highest good. I follow the stream back to the headwaters and purify the source of that old belief.


I ensure that I am only inputting useful information into my brain.


I am mindful of what podcasts I listen to. I am aware of what television programs I am programming into my brain. I pay attention to radio input. I pay attention to what music is playing in the background.


I expand my ability to be aware of all the information that is streaming into my head.


I deprogram people from my life that fail to enrich me in some way. I am also very aware of when it is appropriate to enrich other people’s lives.


Today, I see with great clarity which thoughts, beliefs, and other input are useful and which ones negatively impact me. I reject the ones that fail to support my desired programming, leaving me with new-found positivity and confidence.


Self-Reflection Questions:


  • What old programs in my brain need to be eliminated?
  • What new programs am I ready to install?
  • What upgrades do I need to make in my life?